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Like really, I have been trying to call the number 1(305)7053752 they have provided, and it's not working. It keeps saying your call can not be completed as dialed, check the number and try your call again.

I have emailed them, and I've heard nothing. I still haven't received my box for this month(march2017) so how am I supposed to contact them, how are we going to rectify this? I just don't get it!! If this is how you do your customers, how do u expected to keep them?

I love this subscription and I just want my box, they surely charged my card on time every month, but I can't receive my box on time. Or I can't get any notification there's an issue, or hey it's on it's way, were really sorry. I usually get an email it's been shipped, here your tracking info, I haven't even gottten that, so I know they haven't even shipped it. And everybody I know, has already gotten there's.

Like what the ***, can't this girl get hers?

I just want to contact someone so we can get this taking care of. At this point, they should put a few more items in my box, to make this right.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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I have a missing box


Ok, I didn't want to look like an ***. But I wasn't able to select any of the stars during the review portion of this. I like everything except the delivery process, and the customer service dept.