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Update by user Oct 21, 2018

The Boxycharm company finally refunded the difference + $10 worth of charms with acknowledgement of what they did to me and an apology. This final resolution came AFTER I had already spent approximately 2 weeks trying to resolve this issue with no luck, and being passed around to different people for what felt like a runaround.

I finally just gave up on getting any help/understanding from them and unsubscribed from my Boxycharm/Boxyluxe. That's when they emailed me to finally fix this. So, I can't use the refund unless I resubscribe to the service. This issue is technically resolved in a way, but it didn't happen in the right way.

It just took far too long for me to honestly say that was a satisfactory experience.

I guess if I ever decide to resubscribe, I can use my refund then. I really hope in the future this company takes steps to improve its customer service.

Original review posted by user Oct 17, 2018

I bought the Nelson J Hair Mask from the Charm Shop and paid full price $23/2300 charms. Was sent exactly 1 oz, when it retails for $23 for 3.4 oz.

I bought the Korres Greek Yogurt Advanced Nourishing Sleeping Facial for full price $46/4600 sharms and was sent 0.47 oz when it should have been a 1.35 oz for that price.

Emailed Boxycharm about the issue, and after reading the first response I received it was obvious my complaint wasn't even read, because they responded about products I didn't buy or receive in my box. Re-emailed begging them to actually read my email and was told I would get half my charms back in the amount of 3450 charms. I asked for a fair refund of the difference which would have been 4100 charms. Each response I received from them had misinformation. I shouldn't have to pay for their negligence. It was NOT MY mistake that caused the issue, it was THEIR mistake! I just wanted to resolve this issue fairly, and it did not happen.

Full size product price I was overcharged: $46+23= $69/6900 charms That's what you took from me.

Travel Size Product price I should have been charged: $19 + $9 = $28/2800 charms is what I should have paid

So, the HONEST price difference is: $69-$28 = $41/4100 charms. Therefore, 4100 charms is what honestly and rightfully should have been returned to me if this were a fair and honest company, but somehow they decided 3450 was sufficient.

You will see my receipt with the full size prices I paid, the shipping label that confirms I was sent travel sizes, as well as pics of the product I received.

Let me add that when I tried to place a final order in the charm room ( I tried to buy the set of Crown Brushes to use the refund given) , and the site wouldn't let me use them. It was blocked somehow. I tried twice, then stopped because I was afraid of being charged for multiple attempts. That did it for me, and I unhappily cancelled my subscription.

I really wish the customer service representative had taken the time to read and correct my issue. I wasn't upset until I saw that I was being ignored and pushed aside like I didn't matter. I am a person, and I had a valid issue.

My advice to anyone who tries to order products from this company is to take screenshots of whatever product you order so you will have proof of size/cost ratios. Research through the manufacturer's website to make sure it's a fair price that you're happy with. Keep your receipts and all emails from this company, and take pictures of your products if you have issues. I did this, and still didn't come out smelling like a rose, but at least I had proof for my complaint here.

Product or Service Mentioned: Boxycharm Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $41.

Preferred solution: I honestly don't know how to fix this, because after my issue & how it was mishandled I cancelled my subscription to Boxycharm/Boxyluxe due to trust issues. Money can be refunded, but trust has to be earned. Your company has lost my trust. .

Boxycharm Pros: When i receive the actual product, Price and variety.

Boxycharm Cons: Lack of information, Not receiving the product i paid for, Customer service, No working phone number, Customer care.

Location: Frankfort, Kentucky

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Jolene J

They have very bad customer service!!! NO PHONE NUMBER THAT WORKS... I believe they want your money but not deliver!!!