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Boxycharm posted 2 underage kids on BoxyCharm made up to look like adults and I made the statement that we were tired of seeing over made up and underage kids representing adults and many posted they agreed with me. One lady made a snide remark and I asked her if she was *** and made no other remark, no cursing etc.

I was rhe only one blocked on Facebook and my subscription is not here yet though they charged my card so waiting to see if they cancelled that to. How can you do THAT over one post.

Also I agree with others in that they are impossible to contact. I filed a complaint with the BBB and they sent me a partial copy of the post with my comments black out and accused me of foul language when the only word I remember using was ***.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Boxycharm Pros: Price and variety.

Boxycharm Cons: Customer service, No working phone number, Narrow minded, Lack of information, Hard to find email address.

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You said you don't like "babies acting like adults". They are teenagers.

Yes, they may be under 18, but there's no age limit on makeup. And I've been to makeup events here in South Florida where I've seen girls as young as 11 with their mothers getting makeovers and purchasing makeup. Do I think 11 is too young? Maybe, but not my child nor am I a parent so my opinion is moot.

Makeup is supposed to be fun, seems like only those 18+ are allowed to use makeup products according to you.

Just food for thought.



The picture of the child is a makeup artist...hes even met kim Kardashian and did her makeup...


No they are not as They are only 15. They are actors but I and many others made the same comment about using children to peddle a companies makeup.


yes they are. do your homework.

If an 11 yo can participate in an international HACKING event, a 14 or 15 yo can participate in a makeup event. moving on !


Lol don't use that kind of language then


What language is that troll without a life?