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I have been in contact with boxycharm through email and seem to only get automated responses. I'm not even sure if I actually talked to a person. Very poor customer service! My issue is with their referral/promotional sales tactics and their lack of fulfillment of promised free referral gift in my case. Each month they offer in an email to you a promotional gift if you get referrals. You get an email from them stating that for getting them referrals you will get the free gift, and so will your referrals! The website plainly encourages you "to post your special link anywhere you want". Which means strangers will see your link on the internet, click your referral link, and expect to receive promised promotional gift in their box the next month. Well, I never received the gift in my August box, hence the emails I made to them. For them to verify your request, they ask for your referrer's or referrals FULL NAME AND EMAIL ADDRESS.

Which means for the referrer, you would have to email a complete stranger and ask the stranger who clicked your referral link that was posted on the internet for their full name. On the redeems your charms page in your account, you can plainly see the referrals emails and date they subscribed, but no name. So Boxycharm makes sure to ask for information you cannot provide unless you take a chance and email a stranger for their information. Why? Apparently to weasel out of actually giving you your earned free gift for getting the referrals for them.

For the referral who clicked your public link, they do not have access to your email at all. My referrer's link is nowhere on the website that I can find. Which means if you don't know your referrer personally, you have no way possible of knowing what the referrer's name or email is. So when your free gift is missing in your box, Boxycharm asks you for information you simply cannot provide. So again, no free gift for you!

The referral history of successful subscriptions on the Redeems Your Charms page should be enough for them to verify your account and referrals. The email they send you to let you know you qualified for free product should be enough proof to verify your request! The face that they ask for a Full Name of referrers/referrals, knowing that a lot of people post their links online to get referrals is a tricky and dirty tactic. Innocent people clicking the referral links have no idea what to do when they have a product fullfillment issue! In one month I got this company dozens of referrals, and all I have to show for it is a collection of emails giving me the runaround about receiving promised promotion. Finally, my August promotional product is supposed to have been shipped, but to date I'm still waiting on it. The September promotional item of a highlighter should be in my box, but I'm doubting very much I will receive it after the emails that were exchanged between myself and the company. I am still waiting for that response. All I wanted was for my referrals, as well as myself, to be treated fairly and receive promised items. I didn't ask for anything I didn't work hard for and rightfully earn, and neither did my referrals. I am very disappointed with the experience I've had since joining July 17, 2018. In my opinion, a business should not have trouble fulfilling promises made to their customers.

This company needs to improve their customer service, stop asking for information they must know a customer may not or cannot have access to, and make good on their promises.

Product or Service Mentioned: Boxycharm Rewards Program.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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