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Boxycharms customer care is a joke! Rather non-existent is the word I should use.

Because how do you wait 21 days to get an answer to one simple question. Because of the 21-day wait the question I posed was unable to be answered due to the amount of time that had passed between question posed and response! I don't understand how a company (doing as much business or publicity or whatever you want to call it) as boxycharm can just repeatedly ignore their customers! So many complaints and yet nothing is done about it???

Where do they get off thinking that just because they provide an okay deal that they can totally ignore the people who purchase their products? It's downright disgusting the way boxycharm treats their patrons. I guess they forget the customer makes the company and without the customers they would have no business!! What's the deal with Yosef Martin?

How can he not put together a competent customer care team.

He's out trotting the globe trying to find whatever deals he can stick in a box but he doesn't have time to make customer service available to the people who buy his products?? Tells you something about his character I think!

Money money money it's all about the price tag!

Product or Service Mentioned: Boxycharm Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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