Ive been getting a lot of duplicates, Im not getting what I picked, I was so excited for the line eraser serum in the premium box and I only recieved 5 items in the luxe box . My October box had two items with hardly any product in it and Im just not a complainer.

I pay a a good bit for these boxes and over time they are dropping in value . Ive never gotten any type of BIG item in the premium box, like a flat iron or anything over 100. I was so excited for the serum in Decembers choice and so disappointed that I got just another duplicate face wash . Not recieving 3 items though in my luxe box ??

I cant just look away on this one . I want to be excited for my boxes again instead of thinking of cancelling. I used to get so happy , it hadnt been exciting in awhile because I feel like Im getting left overs or just damaged items .

Please help me out . I wanted to use some of the picks I choose for Christmas and now idk of this can be handled by Christmas.

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

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