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Good morning, my name is Alicia Castillo, I have on the 7th they sent me my boxes, it turns out that the two boxes arrived in Irving Texas and both from there I didn't know anything about the boxes, one arrived on the 5th, the other arrived on the 8th and I didn't know nothing from the boxes !! Irving is at 8 hours it cannot be that the first box is taking 11 days from ayi and the other one is 3 or 4 years old with you every month I wait for my box with great joy please I need you to help me find my two boxes my email is Aliciacastillo2711@***.com

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Location: Port Arthur, Texas

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I ordered mine on the 3rd and they just created my shipping label today, the 16th of December. Apparently, BoxyCharm is notorious for taking ages to send anything out for delivery.

A friend of mine ordered her box on December 1st and received it on the 14th of December. My drop shop order was placed on the 4th of December and according to DHL has been sitting in North Brunswick, NJ since the 9th. I want a refund or my item actually sent to me. DHL sucks anyway, everyone knows that.

DHL is the worst carrier globally. USPS is slow but at least they're usually reliable.