I have been a boxycharmer for four months now....I have recieved every box around the 13th thru the 15th each month...they take my money out between the last couple days of the month to the first....I have canceled one box on their website where it says to cancel...and then I picked back up my subscription....Ive never had a problem....and if someones package didnt arrive then could it be someone stole it? I signed up for emails and texts for when my package is on its way so I can know that hey my package will be here on this day.....I love boxy charm Ive recieved between a 150 to 180 dollars worth of products each month for 21 bucks!!! Im am very happy customer and I cant wait for Junes box to arrive

Product or Service Mentioned: Boxycharm Subscription.

Reason of review: Good quality.

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