Not resolved

I was super excited about it. I totally loved the first box.

(But I didn’t have any problems regarding it) I loved the second box, but the palette came broken. I happened to be out of town for work when it arrived though. So I got back home, finally got a chance to open it and saw the palette was broken. Looked up company info regarding things arriving broken, apparently they will replace, but only within two weeks of delivery.

I wasn’t even home until two weeks after delivery! Emailed the company about it, explained I was out of town when it arrived. Got a ridiculously generic email telling me how sorry they were that it arrived broken and how much they want to assist me and make this right, but they can’t because it’s 4 days after me 2-week window. Soooo, yeah....

“eager to assist me?” That’s a joke.

I prepaid for a few months, so I’m stuck with that already, but I definitely won’t be continuing my subscription. There’s better companies with better customer service.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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