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I canceled my boxycharm account in December of 2020 fast forward to February 2022 and I magically started getting them again. I did everything I needed to do on my end including canceling my subscription, but yet they still keep charging and sending the boxes.

I've tried repeatedly to try to talk to someone, I've tried the Bot, I've tried email and there is not one single person that you will be able to speak to if you have an issue like this.

They just keep telling me to go on my account and click cancel but I've already done that and they're still charging me and sending me boxes I don't want this *** stop taking my money!! Since they have been unable to resolve any issue, if there's even a person that exist on this damn thing, I'm calling my credit card company about fraudulent charges!


Monetary Loss: $120.

Preferred solution: They are fraudulently charging my account when I have no account with them! I've already cancelled and they're still charging me.

BoxyCharm Cons: Unable to speak with anyone, Never get anything, Can not call, Charged my account twice, I cancelled and a year later they just started charging me again.

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