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I subscribed to Boxycharm for the first time on February 2019. Some time after, received an email stating my Feb box had been shipped, great!

Come delivery day, FedEx notified it had been delivered. Very excited to arrive home from work to receive it but unfortunately the package was nowhere to be found in my apartment complex. I investigated with both FedEx and the USPS, as FedEx had to transfer it to them to deliver it. Upon further investigation, USPS found out that FedEx never transferred such package to them and their system still showed to be transferred yet FedEx said delivered.

Discrepancy there. I still don't know if the package was never delivered or if it was stolen... This is where Boxycharm comes in, initially I emailed with them back and forth with no problems throughout my whole ordeal. Boxycharm stated in an email that they would be doing a one time replacement box due to my issue.

I was pleased and all was good. I did receive my March box but after doing so I emailed yet again saying that I was still waiting to receive the Feb box as they promised they would. They have GHOSTED me since. I demanded they ship it immediately, reimburse me for Feb the $21 or not charge me for the April box.

No reply yet. Beyond unprofessional and unethical. Will give it a couple weeks tops for a reply if not I am cancelling my subscription, having given them $21 for free. Stuff happens in real life and Boxycharm needs to have better company structure for these issues.

Not acceptable.

I work hard for my money and even if I can "splurge" $21/mo does not mean it's ok to not receive a product that has been paid for. EVER.

Product or Service Mentioned: Boxycharm Customer Care.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Boxycharm Pros: When i receive the actual product.

Boxycharm Cons: Customer service.

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Penny W

I bet morgan and morgan would have fun with this company!