Update by user Mar 01, 2016

BOXYCHARM went above and beyond with the solution. They were having trouble getting an item for the box in stock so they personally contacted the company so I could get my box as soon as possible.

I was issued a full refund for my January and February boxes as well. I am 110% satisfied.

Original review posted by user Feb 28, 2016

I subscribed to Boxycharm on January 28th. I was charged for that month's box immediately, consistent with their policy which I carefully read over before I subscribed.

I follow and trust beauty vlogger Kathleenlights on YouTube and she never had a bad thing to say about the box, so I figured, why not give it a go? I even got two of my friends to subscribe within two days after me! Turns out, it was a big mistake and has caused me a headache ever since. In the confirmation e-mail I got, it said that they would start sending out boxes on February 3rd due to a freak snowstorm and demand.

I completely understood that and expected my box to be shipped out within the week, since they always say "5-10 business days from your payment" which is also, a crock of ***. Anyways, after not hearing anything for a while, I decided to e-mail their customer service team, since that is the ONLY way to contact them. Not through phone at all, no number is listed. I hate when I cannot connect with a real person.

That aside, by the time I e-mailed their team, my two other friends got their boxes, who of course-subscribed AFTER me. By this point I'm really questioning this company. At first, I got some completely robotic-sounding message that assured me my box would be shipped "soon" and has "begun the shipping process" on February 9th. I thought alright, maybe the rep ACTUALLY checked my account and saw that.

Clearly not. So it's February 11th at this point. Still nothing. Only Boxycharm e-mails in my inbox are ads.

I decide to e-mail them again asking where the January box is. They divulge that they "recently ran out of stock" on the January boxes. I'm thinking alright, whatever. I'll get it eventually, and it's not like this is a necessity or anything.

February 15th rolls around. Nothing on my February box either. I'm beginning to think that something is up. So of course, me being persistent, I e-mail them yet again.

I get an e-mail back saying my "box was flagged due to an incorrect address." A bunch of lights start turning on. THIS is why my friends got their boxes before me. HOWEVER, they did not bother to list the requirements for college addresses on their website. So, both my January AND February boxes have now been delayed.

I have never had issues with my college address prior to this, so this is even more strange to me now. I asked on the 17th when their next batch would be shipping out since my address has been fixed, and they hit me with the same ***: "5-10 business days." LIES. They claim this address issue has also been resolved for future boxes. I have to switch addresses in the summer so the boxes get sent to my house, who knows what other things could come from that.

Anyways, as you know now it is February 28th when I am posting this. I have NOTHING from Boxycharm. Two days ago (2/26) I sent them ANOTHER e-mail, telling them that it is unfair that I have not received any products from them, yet $42 has been given to their company. I also started giving them *** over social media.

This is where the story just becomes ridiculous. I just want to say I am fully aware that they cannot answer things over social media. They always reply "So sorry you haven't received your boxes! Contact our CS team!

Stay charming!" or whatever that pre-written response says. After several comments of me connecting with other frustrated customers and badgering them about the status of my boxes, they finally come up with a different yet still unhelpful response: "[same bs as before].. Message our Facebook team with your concerns" I thought awesome, finally going to get in touch with someone! I messaged them yesterday, essentially saying all of the things I just discussed in a shorter way.

They reply this morning saying "Sorry our Facebook team cannot access customer information." I was just taken aback by how much they have bent the truth.

Why would they direct me to there if I can't be helped? So I'm back to square one with this company from ***.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $42.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Boxycharm Cons: Website, Policies, Lack of information, Customer service, Shipping.

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