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I did not know that updating your new address within less than 24 hours during the billing cycle (which the bill hasn't gone through) will not be able to change where boxycharm ships your box. I updated my new address during the bill pending period and a week later my box was still shipped to my old address.

I emailed customer service and they promised me another box with no additional charges. Also they let me know that i cannot update my address after i got billed (but the bill hasn't gone through yet). I didn't see that information on their main website but unless you go onto their "customer service website" and look it up then you'll only see a few lines of explanations. So after getting promised a new box i emailed them my new address (again).

Then boxycharm emailed me again about having me contact usps and have usps hold it or change the address. I looked it up and i had to pay a fee which depends on how heavy and the size of the box. I have shipped and picked up things before and it is not cheap. So i was confused to why would they promised me a box and then don't want to give it to me afterwards.

But instead wants me to fix my own problems and pay more out of pockets. I can't go back to my old address because it's an hour away. Overall they just don't want to help and they make it seems like i was at fault but i did make the changes before my bill went through. They went back on their words about shipping me another one and now they want me to take care of this myself.

Unprofessional and not helpful at all.

My cousin had a similar incident like this before but towards ipsy and they sent her another ispy bag with no words going back and forth. Boxycharm is about profits, not customer service.

Product or Service Mentioned: Boxycharm Customer Care.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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