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BOXYCHARM is the worst business ever with the worst customer service. Over a week ago now (last Wednesday) I had money in my account for a damage deposit and a damage deposit only, I find out boxycharn did NOT listen to my email from NOVEMBER asking them to cancel my subscription and they had charged me 35$ cad out of my damage deposit as that was the only money I had.

I promptly contacted costumer service explaining why I desperately needed a refund and could not afford that and DIDNT KNOW they were gunna pull that on that day. Now I cannot afford my new house or anywhere because I literally cannot afford the 35$ extra now needed for my DD and will now be homeless due to boxycharm. Fast forward a week and IN SPITE of my begging and pleading to unsubscribe they STILL haven’t, it’s taken them FOREVER to get back to me, they refuse to cancel my subscription or refund me full well knowing that they put me in this boat and they don’t give a ***.

I am livid. Their customer service is horrendous and I will be letting everyone know about how terrible they are.

Product or Service Mentioned: Boxycharm Subscription.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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Really think this is bull beep


Why is it a big deal about her house? When i was a 22 year old single mother and bought my house with my with my last penny and had to sell my kids xbox because priorities over luxury always.

Now I'm 26 year old living in a 3 bedroom house and have a a beautiful life full luxury and a paid off house. So why I'm saying this is we shouldn't be asking her about her house or why she got this box but more at the review of the company. Gosh I have seen so many unnecessary and hurtful comments on this page. The point is what if it did really stop her?

If she hit unsubscribe the point is it shouldn't have charged her again. she was simply pointing out that it affected her account and Financial situation. Totally understandable. Come on guys be nice and.dont judge someone or be rude.

Send love or understanding but if it's not nice don't say it. I bet you would all be as upset as her if it was you.


You shouldn't be buying a house if you can't afford a 35 dollar box......when buying a house you should save money first for repairs or sudden expenses...but anywho you should have canceled the box on the website not sent an email.


Oh lord. Seriously?

You have to cancel online (if you had read the FAQs you would have known that). Literally one click and it cancels immediately.

Boxycharm doesn’t keep track of your bills and decide “oh maybe we should wait a week. Looks like they need a house deposit this week!” Sounds like your not in any position to be buying a home.


If you cannot afford payments for a house, maybe you shouldn't be purchasing lavish goods and services and be saving your money. They have the steps to cancel in the FAQ, so if you had read that then you would've been able to cancel no problem.

So in reality, you put yourself in that boat, not Boxycharm. Grow up and learn to take responsibility for your own actions, instead of blaming your less-than-ideal situation on others.


I cannot tell if this review was suppose to be sarcastic or not. If you cannot afford $35 dollars why are you buying a house?


Ohh and you have to go to the website to unsubscribe. You cannot just email them, demanding to be unsubscribed. They get hundreds of thousands emails a day.


I ordered boxycharm in October 2017 we are December 2017 almost getting close to January 2018 and I still haven’t received Any boxycharm goodies horrible never again going to order *** that waiting list